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Simwalk Pro 요약정보 및 구매

SimWalk PRO is a flexibel and yet easy to use simulation software for improving pedestrian logistics and flow issues in urban planning, evacuation and traffic management.

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개발사 Savannah Simulations AG
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상품 정보

상품 기본설명

SimWalk PRO is a flexibel and yet easy to use simulation software for improving pedestrian logistics and flow issues in urban planning, evacuation and traffic management.

상품 상세설명

icon_rectangular.gif SimWalk PRO - Pedestrian Simulation for Traffic, Evacuation and Urban Planning

SimWalk PRO is a flexibel and yet easy to use simulation software for improving pedestrian logistics and flow issues in urban planning, evacuation and traffic management.

Other applications are sports and special events, public realm and commercial buildings as well as shopping centers and retail.

SimWalk PRO is a microsimulation software where every single pedestrian is modelled individually with specific goals and behaviors. Microsimulation allows flexible and realistic simulation of normal as well as panic behavior of pedestrians in complex environments.

 icon_rectangular.gif Typical Applications of SimWalk PRO:

 ◾Pedestrian capacity and efficiency analysis of complex facilities

◾Analysis of pedestrian crossings in traffic scenarios

◾Crowd flow analysis of public areas in urban planning

◾Capacity and throughput analysis in airports

◾Walkability studies in architecture

◾Evacuation simulation of high rise buildings and other areas

◾...and many more
icon_rectangular.gif Outputs for Analysis:

 ◾density (congestion etc.)

◾walking speeds

◾counts & flow rates

◾space utilisation

◾levels of service

◾speed loss

◾...and many more
icon_rectangular.gif Why SimWalk? 
To get all the benefits of pedestrian simulation in one software package. 
icon_rectangular.gif Introduce pedestrian simulation to your engineering projects

◾SimWalk's proven pedestrian movement technology allows to model and simulate pedestrians realistically
◾SimWalk's intuitive graphical user interface allows to conduct pedestrian simulation studies fast and effective without prior knowledge of pedestrian simulation
◾A state-of-the-art pedestrian modelling algorithm, continually improved through research and cooperations, assures the reliability of simulation results
◾Additional modules like the Pedestrian Database, providing data and formulas of 20 years of international pedestrian research, help users to conduct realistic simulation scenarios
 icon_rectangular.gif Conduct your project with a proven software

◾SimWalk is deployed worldwide by traffic engineers, urban planners and security experts
◾Intensive cooperation with users, technology and research partners assures knowledge transfer of ideas and improvements to our development team
◾SimWalk is designed to cover a wide range of pedestrian problems and to fit seamlessley in the working environment of engineers
◾Multi-level capability and direct CAD integration allow to model any pedestrian environment 
 icon_rectangular.gif Benefit from the visual impact of your pedestrian simulations

◾SimWalk provides extensive graphical capabilities, intended to enhance simulation analysis and client impact
◾SimWalk directly supports video and picture captures of simulation runs for analysis, presentation and distribution
◾Integration of real aerial pictures in pedestrian simulation scenarios
 icon_rectangular.gif Task excellent support and consulting services

◾We try to answer all questions within 48 hours
◾We provide a full range of consulting services from trainings to model development
◾We do our best to fully satisfy and exceed customers expectations
icon_rectangular.gif Applications of SimWalk PRO 

SimWalk PRO is a general-purpose pedestrian simulation software that can be deployed in different application areas like urban planning, traffic engineering, evacuation and many others.

This section presents examples of various assignments where modeling and simulation with Simwalk PRO offered valuable insights into pedestrian behavior and facility analysis.
icon_rectangular.gif Urban planning
Pedestrian walkway analysis, Kalakaua Avenue, Hawaii - Kalakaua Avenue is a central walkway for tourists in Wakiki. A variety of factors affect the pedestrian environment like the width of the walkway, immovable objects, planting and street performers. Simulation studies with SimWalk PRO revealed congestions points and general effects of obstacles on pedestrian comfort. 
icon_rectangular.gif Traffic management
Impact analysis of pedestrian crossing, Switzerland - At Zurich main station in Switzerland, a pedestrian crossing had to be relocated because of construction work for a new railway line. A simulation and engineering company was assigned to conduct a feasibility study of the planned pedestrian detour. 
icon_rectangular.gif Evacuation
Evacuation simulation of sports stadium, Switzerland -Savannah Simulations AG conducted an evacuation and egress simulation of the new "Sports arena Lucerne" in Switzerland. The planned stadium with 16'000 seats will be finished in winter 2010.


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외산 수입제품 : 7 - 14일이내 배송.
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